Are you ready to say good-bye to your Negative Thoughts?

From Suffering To Life Shift

Since I was a kid, my inner critic (AKA negative self talk) has been my Achilles Heel and like so many of you out there, I silently battled harsh words and self-hate most of my life.

My flavor of choice for suffering was the belief I was not enough and oh how I bought into this "story."

I believed I was the only person who struggled with these thoughts and as a result, accepted it as "truth." It shaped my reality and caused years and years of pain and sorrow.

Despite the loving home my parents created for me and my sister, I was generally unhappy and an unpleasant person.

Tell me, does this sound familiar?

  • Becoming CEO and President of the people-pleasing business

  • Putting others’ desires over your own to ensure you are accepted

  • Fearing mistakes, making the wrong choice, and failing painfully

  • Avoiding genuine attachments with others who could reject you

  • Living with unhealthy relationships and changing your identity for others

  • Turning to sugary foods for comfort and gaining difficult-to-shed pounds

Oh yes, that was my story. Talk about a miserable way of life! 

It wasn't until I experienced one of the most heart-wrenching break-ups that I finally woke up and asked myself, "is this all that life has to offer? Is my life just one of pain and sadness?"

I questioned why others around me seemed to live such happy and meaningful lives while I constantly struggled. What was different for them? What did I need to learn in order to stop repeating this pattern?

Change your thoughts and you change your world.
— Norman Vincent Peale

From that point on, my life has been one of self-discovery, healing of body, heart and mind, and letting go of the stories I created for myself so many years ago. I can honestly say that today I am living a happy and fulfilled life.


  • I have strong relationships because I’m not afraid to be seen for who I am

  • I am in control over what I feed my body and my mind

  • I can see my inner critic for what it is and choose an alternative way of ‘seeing’

  • I am the author of my life and I create the stories I want to hear

And, it feels AMAZING!

The truth is, we ALL face an inner critic regardless of our background and upbringing.

It can show up in different forms, shapes and sizes wielding it's fiery head at any moment.

The good news is that there IS a way out.

If you're ready and willing, I'd love to help you develop a happy, healthy and purposeful life free of your inner critic. 

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