Hello friend,

It’s that time of year again where the magic of Christmas is in the air and the question of “do you believe?” is frequently asked. While growing up my mom would place a sign on our wall that said, “in this house we believe in Santa Clause.”  My parents made great efforts to ensure my belief in Santa held strong with signed letters by Santa and Mrs. Clause, sleigh bells as gifts and droppings from reindeer. Even when I finally discovered the truth about where our gifts really came from, my sister and I were told that only those who believe got presents.  Although it was a fun way to keep the magic alive, it was quite the contradiction to the typical view of “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality.

Choosing to believe isn’t something we do only once a year. It’s a daily practice (practice being the key word) and one that can change our entire perspectives. Each and every day we are bombarded with choices from the moment our alarm goes off to the time we go to bed however, choosing to believe that things will work out and understanding that life is happening FOR us (instead of to us) may be the most crucial choice we make.  Is this always easy? Of course not (hence the word PRACTICE) but what’s the alternative? Living a life in disappointment and frustration? That’s not a life worth living.

If you are one who struggles with disbelief (in any capacity) start paying attention to your thoughts because what we focus on, grows. For example, have you ever gone car shopping for a particular vehicle and suddenly, it’s all you see on the road? They are everywhere! Although that style of car has always been there, you’ve missed it because your focus was elsewhere. This same principle applies to our outlook on life. When the belief is that things go inherently wrong, that people are generally unkind or that we are lacking, it’s the only “vehicle” we see.  It isn’t until we shift our focus to what we DO want that we’ll get an “upgrade” in life. By doing so, it changes our expectations and alters the outcome.

In addition, might I suggest that regardless of what is happening around you (or to you), try and stay in a beautiful state of mind. Don’t get me wrong here-I’m not equating this to happiness. In fact, I’d say to always be happy is an unrealistic expectation. No, instead, I would suggest  to stay engaged in any uplifting or positive emotion such as curiosity, gratitude, determination, peace, amusement, empathy, and so on. This limits the amount of unnecessary suffering and improves the kind of questions we ask ourselves to keep things in the right perspective.

If we continue with the “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality, we might be waiting a very long time to see the magic happen in our lives.  To live a fulfilled, happy and beautiful life, choose to BELIEVE and then act accordingly. It is my hope that for this upcoming year, each one of us will commit to be believing and to look for the miracles every day.  
Until next time!